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Wholesale Beginner's Guide: Get the cheapest wholesale price on the market!

On this website, you can buy more beautiful clothes than your friends wear at cheap wholesale prices!

Hi, friends🧡  

Welcome to Hjctw global online wholesale mall!

Do you want to become our wholesale member and get the cheapest wholesale price on the market?

If you like any style on the official website and have any questions about clothing wholesale,

You can even ask us about other pictures taken online, we have all these sources! It will be cheaper than others.

We have high-, medium-, and low-priced products that correspond to their quality.

More than 10,000 styles, new styles are available every day.

With a complete range of sizes, whether you are tall and slim, petite or plump, we can meet all your needs.

You are welcome to join our Line, Line ID: hjctw

Or WeChat ID: iris862167

If you are not in Taiwan and belong to a multinational customer, you can leave a message to let us place an order for you after selecting the products you like on the website.

A little money can make your life full of small fortunes🧡 🧡 

Brand spirit

Are you satisfied with your current life?

Whether you are a student, a freshman, a housewife, or a retiree, it is not difficult to change your current life.

We provide professional clothing marketing consulting, allowing you to move towards a life of wealth and freedom.

As long as a mobile phone or a computer, no time limit, you can make money anytime, anywhere!

Join the official [email protected] now to learn about the process of batching and picking goods, consult the method of starting a clothing business, and teach you how to run a clothing business.

Our advantage

🔴Professional online customer service

  1. Size: Let our professional customer service help you choose the correct size. With the accumulation of one or two shopping experiences, you can choose the size that suits you by yourself!
  2. Style: You can tell us the style you like/or the specific type you want to look for (such as sports shorts or pajamas, etc.), and let us help you find the style!

🔴See your favorite clothes elsewhere? We have these clothes.

  1. Looking for clothes: For the products you see in other online auctions, you can ask us with pictures. We have all these sources! It will be cheaper than others.
  2. Quality: The quality of online shopping is often uneven. Choosing our company as a stable source of goods can effectively control the material and the weight, giving you a full sense of trust!

🔴Expensive to buy? Deduct the difference!

  1. Price difference: Before placing an order, if you have a cheaper price than other websites, you can boldly tell us that we will provide you with high and low prices, the same style of goods for you to choose, you can easily find you Preferred price!
  2. Out of stock: Basically, there is only one situation where the company's price is higher than other websites. It is because the style is sold out and the stock is out of stock. Other websites pay out the loss price in order to sell the inventory.

🔴Group's daily specials

  1. Our LINE wholesale group will have a special offer almost every day. You can join the group to snap up products with outstanding quality that are far below the market price! Come and experience the company's ultra-high-quality clothes at a cheap price!
  2. The group has more products that are not available on the official website, and clothes that only wholesalers can buy.

How to place an order on LINE?


Join the Line group to enjoy daily specials. Up to 15% off!



contact us

Welcome to join the LINE community: Line’s wholesale group

For more [email protected] exclusive styles, please follow our official [email protected], you can join the review group after private message:Official [email protected]

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